Brand Your Nonprofit

Catherine Kaputa saw first-hand how effective strong branding can be in transforming the image of a brand during her tenure as management supervisor leading the “I Love NY” campaign at ad agency Wells, Rich, Greene.

It all came together: the logo, the song, the imagery, the TV commercials and the messaging.

New York City, like many destinations as well as nonprofits, has many selling points. The brand strategy for New York City focused on what is truly unique: its glamorous night life and Broadway theater. There’s only one Broadway and in it’s in New York. All the branding and advertising captured the strong emotional bond people feel towards the city and its magical celebrity.

Creating a Breakthrough Nonprofit Brand

Likewise, your nonprofit’s brand is what you stand for: your mission, your message, and the way people feel about your nonprofit.

In her talks and consulting with nonprofits, Catherine Kaputa shows nonprofits the value of a crisp mission statement that’s simple, memorable and different.

It’s important to humanize your brand like commercial brands do through storytelling and videos that engage people.

And you must transform visitors to your website into donors by building an emotional bond and applying the latest marketing ideas that top online retailers use.