Consulting and Coaching

Whether it’s a product, a business or a person, the branding process is the same:

  1. Analyze to find your brand idea – an idea that’s focused, different and relevant.
  2. “Package” your brand with a powerful visual and verbal identity – a visual hook and verbal mantra or tagline that sear in the brand idea.
  3. Use marketing tactics to stand out – social, PR, advertising, videos, and events working in concert.

If it’s honest, it works.
If it works, it’s true.
We’re outside the box.
We’re inside the box.
We straddle the box.
We go to great lengths.
To be simple.
We know what’s best.
Simple honesty.
Honest simplicity.

SelfBrand consults with entrepreneurs and nonprofits and coaches success-driven professionals to develop a positioning strategy, messaging, visual identity, and a mini-marketing plan to achieve goals.