Here is a selection of Catherine Kaputa’s articles:

“How a Small Business Can Steal Market Share With a Brand Ambassador Program,” originally published in Small Biz Daily, January, 2014

“How Obama and Romney Each Built a ‘Brand of You’,” originally published in October 2012.

“Five Marketing Tools Apple Exploits to Build the Hype,” originally published in September 2012.

“Five Contrarian Lessons of Successful Entrepreneurs,” originally published in July 2012.

“To Take Work Out Of Networking, Reframe Your End Goal,” originally published in June 2012.

“Smart Hiring Is Mission Number One When Building Your Brand,” originally published in June 2012.

“5 Ways to Transform Your Small Business Into a Big Brand,” edited excerpt from Breakthrough Branding

"5 Ways to Develop Your Own Brand," originally published in

"5 Personal Branding Tactics that Scream ‘Hire me!’"

"How to Make a Great Elevator Speech"

"3 Lessons from Successful Women Entrepreneurs"

"The Paradox: Small Ideas Are Big"

"Build Your Business on Authenticity"

"Find a Different Idea for Your Business"

Q&A With Catherine Kaputa, by Blogtrepreneur

"The Academy Awards and Becoming a Little Famous"

"Five Ways to Leverage Your Female Advantage in Business"

"Five More Ways Women Can Leverage Their Strengths in Business"

"In Search of “Aha” Moments that Lead to New Ideas for Your Business"

"Finding Your ‘Big Idea’ "

"Is Women’s Style of Networking Hurting Us?"

"The Beauty Premium: Why Attractive People Get Paid More and What You Can Do About It"

"6 Interviewing Tips That Will Give You an Edge Over Other Candidates"

"Make Your Resume an ‘Ad’ for Brand You"

"How to Write a Bio that Sells Brand You"

"Five Ways to Create Brand You"

UK Articles

“Startups need women, not male-dominated curtures,” published in Wired (UK, June 2014)

“What you can learn from Apple,” published in Real Business (UK)

“The Power of Bold, Simple Brand Ideas,” published in Real Business (UK)

“Social Media is the new recruitment agency,” published in Real Business (UK)

“What politicians can teach business leaders,” published in Real Business (UK)

“5 contrarian lessons of successful entrepreneurs,” published in Real Business (UK)

“How to launch a brand ambassador programme,” published in Real Business (UK)